UDS is your source for Professionally Qualified Drivers

United in determination to do one thing well.  Together we’re driving towards success!

  • Incorporated in 1978 in the province of Ontario.truck
  • Current Board of Directors: L. J. Pollack, Q,C.
  • Our objective is to establish long term relationships with clients to provide professional drivers and the support necessary to ensure their continued growth, profitability and a reduction in possible liability exposure.
  • We continue to build and maintain an organization recognized as the best Driver Service Support Company, distinguished by the high standards of results, attitude, integrity and cost effectiveness.

We are your specialized source for professionally screened and tested class AZ and DZ drivers, for either long term contracts, or weekly rentals. In other words, they’ll drive for you, they’re employed by us. You don’t get paid to recruit drivers… you get paid to move freight. We recruit them, test them, train them, hire them, and pay them (including source deductions and benefits.) From our pool of proven professional drivers, we provide a personal level of service for both large and small fleets alike. We keep your fleet rolling, it’s our business, in fact… it’s our only business! Unlike other personnel companies, this is our core business, not an addition or supplement to existing secretarial, accounting or other unrelated personnel pools.

We are the original “Contract Professionals”

Don’t let idle equipment eat up your profits, call UDS today!

Phone: 416.675.2141 · Fax: 416.675.9643 · Toll Free: 1.800.682.7024