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What is the maximum push rod travel allowed? *
At what angle should adjuster and push rod be, with the brakes applied?
From the 400 and 401 what route would you take to reach?
From Mississauga, which highway(s) would you take to get to Barrie?
When driving a truck transporting DANGEROUS GOODS, placards are required, what would be the lowest amount of placards you might possibly need?
What is a sliding fifth wheel?
What would be the purpose of sliding the trailer wheels forward?
Other than to increase traction why would you use the power divider?
What colour is the emergency (supply) trailer air line?
What is the most important document the driver needs when taking a load into the U.S.?
What is the fee charged when crossing the border?
What are the most common causes of truck roll overs?
What gear(s) would normally be used for cornering?
What is the most common cause of a Jack Knife?
Who is responsible for the operation of any vehicle?
What would be the result of putting the glad hands on backwards?
What is the maximum height for commercial vehicles?
What two steps are taken to sure that the fifth wheel and trailer King Pin are securely locked after hook up?
What colour is the annual inspection sticker, and where is it located?
At the scene of a collision what would be your first priority?
How long does it take to drive from Toronto to Montreal?
How many cylinders are found in most Diesel Heavy Truck Engines?
Between what engine R.P.M. is the peak torque found?
What is a driver expected to do when operating a commercial vehicle approaching an inspection station with the lights flashing?
Can a clutch brake be used to keep the vehicle from rolling?
A truck can be operated with how many wheel nuts missing?
What should be done before backing up a vehicle?
When rounding a curve to the right, which side of the lane should you be closer to compensate for trailer off tracking?
When is it acceptable to back in from the blind side?
What is the most common cause of wheels falling off?:
Name a situation that will make use of the engine (Jake) brake, dangerous?
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