What UDS can do for you

Driver Profile:

Criteria for hiring all personnel (Client oriented, as per request):
  • Good attitude & work ethic
  • Must meet or exceed all requirements as outlined in our hiring policies
  • Good communication skills
  • Minimum 2 years driving experience
Hiring and Procedure
  • Professional psychological/attitude testing
  • Pre-employment aptitude testing
  • Multi-level employment application
  • Original abstract and C.V.O.R.
  • Personal interviews with all applicants
  • Reference checks
  • Road testing
  • Driver regulation policy review
  • Pre-employment drug and alcohol screening (where applicable)
Value Added Services
  • Incentive/safety programs in place
  • Private medical/dental plan
  • Drivers trained on electronic reporting devices as required
  • Uniform programs
  • Driver of the month/year awards
  • Safe driving awards in conjunction with Transport Safety Association
  • Payroll service
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Direct deposit payroll
  • Certified accident review investigator on staff
  • Certified drug & alcohol screening test technician on staff
Training and Development Programs
  • All training can be provided at our training facilities or at a location convenient for you
  • All programs are available for your own in-house drivers and staff
  • Professional driver improvement courses
  • Defensive driving courses
  • Dangerous Goods Certification courses
  • Safety meetings
  • Video and/or computer assisted training seminars
  • Any program can be custom tailored to suit individual requirements
Compliance Profile
  • WCB Clearance certificate provided on request
  • Computerized driver files allow for automated updating and renewal of driver licensing requirements
  • Scheduled driver reviews and road testing
  • We obtain CVOR & driver abstracts through a direct link with the Ministry of Transportation database
  • All personnel covered by a liability policy & fully bonded
  • US D.O.T. substance abuse program available where necessary

All of the above can be altered to suit your individual requirements

Sample New Driver Training Program:
  • Pre-employment knowledge and aptitude examination
  • Application for employment
  • Initial interview
  • Road test driver
  • Assess and evaluate need for, and quantity of, required training
  • Secondary interview and information session to develop and implement training required
  • Assess progress at bi-weekly intervals
  • Enter into co-operative work force with experienced driver supervision for three days for “real world” experience and evaluation
  • Re-evaluate skill test
  • Enter into work force for probationary period or continue training.
  • Complete training cycle with follow up PDIC and DDC courses after 1 month on the road
  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Board

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board

United Driver Services Inc. GUARANTEES full WSIB coverage on every employee we hire. At any time you may request a clearance certificate and we will provide it within 5 business days. Any and all personal injury claims are applied to United Driver Services WSIB account, eliminating the need to monitor and manage your NEER transportation costs. Working together in partnership with our clients, we have been able to consistently and consecutively beat the industry standard in expected personal injuries for five years running. We are determined in our efforts on working towards the elimination of personal injuries through continuous educational programs in partnership with the Transportation Safety and other industry associations.

On Site Customer Safety Evaluation

Upon request, United Driver Services Inc., in association with the TSA can perform an informal, on site transportation safety audit. We offer this service as a method of planning and implementing an action plan for the reduction of personnel injury incidents. If you are currently a client of United Driver Services Inc., and are interested in this option, we can arrange for an outside independent agency to perform this audit.

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